Who is the Zeta Nu Alumni Foundation?

MISSION STATEMENT ZETA NU HISTORY “We are a developing network of alumni empowering active entrepreneurship through collective resources and shared experiences.” The Zeta Nu Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. was chartered at the University of Georgia July 29, 1974. Since its inception, the chapter has continued to make an impact not only on UGA’s campus, but on the Athens-Clarke County community as well.
Zeta Nu Alumni Foundation (ZNAF) was founded in 2017 as a springboard for brothers to turn great ideas into great business platforms.  Through the pooled collection of resources of knowledge, experience, and capital we lean on each other as a way to help each brother get a step up and get past those initial hurdles.  Each idea presented is spearheaded by a different individual or subgroup and is shaped by the members of ZNAF as a whole before getting on its feet.  Each success creates opportunity for the next.
 As men of Sigma we have always invested in being a part of our communities, rather than apart from them.  That core value is represented in the many ways we are represented through volunteering, leadership groups, mentoring as teachers, coaches, or artists, and even as local business owners.  However, one of the greatest hurdles to overcome in growing a great idea is the lack of resources and experience.