Brotherly Spotlight

In order to further promote the ideas behind our mission statement, check with us every month as we highlight the accolades of our surrounding brothers.

Under the Spotlight

B. Todd Johnson

This month we follow Bro. B Todd Johnston (Spr 06) as he is now beginning film festival tours this Fall 2020 with his second film “Dodgy.” His first film, “Black N’ Blue,” which was sponsored and co-produced by ZNAF is now moving to VOD platform via Amazon Prime and will be available everywhere soon. “Black N’ Blue” is a film and tool used to open conversations between police and community about racial profiling, PTSD, and the Black Lives Matter movement. Also in development B. Todd will soon start production on his web series “Work in Progress.” You can follow up him on Instagram @btoddsworld | Twitter @btoddj | or online at